A. Delpech initie alors une batterie d’essais pour trouver quelles variétés de RGA et trèfle blanc sont les mieux adaptées à sa situation sur le modèle néo-zélandais. « Mes critères de choix ont reposé sur des espèces rustiques capables de résister à la sécheresse en été, afin de ne pas être obligé de ressemer tous les ans, explique l’éleveur. Celles-ci doivent en outre montrer leur aptitude à produire suffisamment de biomasse en hiver pour la pâture. Et contrairement aux idées reçues, c’est le ray-grass anglais qui est sorti du lot face au ray-grass italien, fétuque et dactyle. » L’éleveur observe que certaines variétés de ray-grass anglais se mettent « en dormance » lorsque les conditions estivales sont trop sèches, mais ne meurent pas. Et, question productivité hivernale, le ray-grass anglais se montre aussi performant que le ray-grass italien. Côté légumineuses, l’éleveur utilise le trèfle blanc, sur le modèle néozélandais, ainsi que le lotier dans les zones les plus sèches.
I have used clover for 2 1/2 years. Do not buy or use clover, it sucks! I have experienced 4 system upgrades that appear with out warning, functionality and payment processing changed significantly to the point that it disrupted business. Last year Clover, that is really First Data, changed credit card processing internally resulting in credit card amounts not matching the Clover system amounts.. I should also mention that Clover Customer service representatives denied for a week that any changes occurred. I had to supply proof that the credit card errors actually existed.

Yes, Clover is pretty, but the system is modern in more than just its appearance. Clover is fast, powerful, and cloud-based, bringing not only your business’s look but also its payment processing functionality and back-end business management into the 21st century. You can use Clover to accept any kind of payment from Apple Pay to gift cards, tie in a customer loyalty program, manage employees, and much more.

Avoid like the plague!!! The system itself is passable, but lacks several of the features that our salesperson assured us would be available. The main issue is the Clover Customer Service. Trying to even access your account while speaking with a CS Rep is excruciatingly difficult! We were provided our Merchant ID number, which we enter each time we call. It never works (even though we have been told it is the correct number). So they then ask you several minutes of questions to confirm your identity. I know that is for our benefit, but shouldn't be necessary each time. We have tried to change the contact email address, ("Can't help you with that"). We tried to change the business address, ("No problem.") but it still hasn't been changed. And good luck trying to get any real technical help! Sorry to rant, but we dumped this system after four months due to the extremely poor customer service and bait and switch we feel we fell for.