I’m in the UK, spent approx 20K on terminal hardware and god knows how much on Clover software. Bottom line was we were promised the earth by the Clover rep, the system didn’t do what we wanted and basically 2.5 years down the line we have pulled them out of our stores. Customer service is awful, would not recommend them at all. So basically I have about 16 full terminal systems in my office which are useless and fully paid for. Why can’t the internet be put onto them so you could at least give them away for families to use the tablets? The printers are useless too as the serial numbers are linked to each terminal in some way so only Clover can dedicate it to another Clover terminal under your contract. Basically it’s an environmental issue too, we end up having to pay to dispose of them, more flipping landfill.

A. Delpech sème ses prairies en deux étapes, d’abord les graminées avec un semoir de semis direct hollandais, le Vredo, qui permet de semer avec un écartement de 7,5 cm, ou bien avec son semoir à céréales en recroisant le semis à la perpendiculaire, puis dans les deux cas, il sème ensuite le trèfle blanc à la volée. « Pour les graminées, l’idéal à mon avis serait d’utiliser un semoir à gazon qui permet un écartement de 5 cm, mais qui n’est malheureusement pas compatible avec mes sols caillouteux. Je n’utilise en outre le semoir de semis direct que pour 4 à 5 hectares de ma surface, mais beaucoup plus pour des opérations de sursemis. Je ne réserve en effet son usage qu’aux zones les moins caillouteuses car j’observe sinon des problèmes de levées, que je n’ai pas avec une gestion plus conventionnelle « cultivateur-vibroculteur-casseuse de pierres-rouleau-semoir à céréales-rouleau ». Avec le Vredo, j’interviens directement après destruction chimique de la prairie, pour un semis d’automne ou bien de printemps. Dans le cas du sursemis, je cherche à étoffer des prairies qui se sont éclaircies après l’été notamment. J’interviens alors sans désherbage préalable. Pour augmenter les chances de réussite de ces semis en direct, je sélectionne dans mes essais des variétés de RGA qui montrent une bonne vigueur à la levée, en plus de mes autres critères. » Selon l’éleveur, le semoir à céréales se montre peu adapté au semis de prairies, car le large écartement entre rangs génère par la suite des problèmes de concurrence avec les adventices. « C’est pourquoi je sème en croisé avec ce dernier, pour bénéficier d’une bonne couverture du sol, qui offre également une meilleure résistance au pâturage et limite l’impact du piétinement. »
I would give less if I could in ratings. We signed up with Key Bank Merchant Services ( don’t use them either, awful) they promoted Clover for our new restaurant as ease of use, reporting and integration with our payroll company. This system hasn’t worked since day 1. It has cost us thousands in manhours, aggravation and stress. We are now trying resolutions with Key Banks Northeast Regional Head to try and resolve. This was an investment nightmare from start to finish. We failed to do our due diligence and have paid the price. We will make them pay if they can’t resolve these issues
The Clover POS system, also known as the Clover station or Clover cash register, is a full-featured system. Retailers, restaurants, and other businesses that need something more than a countertop credit card terminal can benefit from Clover. The cloud-based Clover provides POS functions such as credit card processing, voids and refunds, adding tips, and reporting.
Avoid like the plague!!! The system itself is passable, but lacks several of the features that our salesperson assured us would be available. The main issue is the Clover Customer Service. Trying to even access your account while speaking with a CS Rep is excruciatingly difficult! We were provided our Merchant ID number, which we enter each time we call. It never works (even though we have been told it is the correct number). So they then ask you several minutes of questions to confirm your identity. I know that is for our benefit, but shouldn't be necessary each time. We have tried to change the contact email address, ("Can't help you with that"). We tried to change the business address, ("No problem.") but it still hasn't been changed. And good luck trying to get any real technical help! Sorry to rant, but we dumped this system after four months due to the extremely poor customer service and bait and switch we feel we fell for.