I’m in the UK, spent approx 20K on terminal hardware and god knows how much on Clover software. Bottom line was we were promised the earth by the Clover rep, the system didn’t do what we wanted and basically 2.5 years down the line we have pulled them out of our stores. Customer service is awful, would not recommend them at all. So basically I have about 16 full terminal systems in my office which are useless and fully paid for. Why can’t the internet be put onto them so you could at least give them away for families to use the tablets? The printers are useless too as the serial numbers are linked to each terminal in some way so only Clover can dedicate it to another Clover terminal under your contract. Basically it’s an environmental issue too, we end up having to pay to dispose of them, more flipping landfill.

Stockage de l’alimentation des animaux, entretien des bâtiments d’élevage, matériels pour ensiler, conditionner la paille et le foin, gérer les effluents d’élevage… Autant de postes onéreux et impactant fortement les coûts de production pour l’exploitation ovine du Gaec Fargues. Pour alléger ces postes, les éleveurs ont entièrement repensé leur système et sont passés d’une conduite conventionnelle à une gestion tournée quasi exclusivement vers le pâturage, avec des animaux en extérieur toute l’année. Ce bouleversement a reposé sur une modification de l’implantation des prairies artificielles, l’introduction des légumineuses et un système de clôtures innovant qui offre une grande réactivité.
I purchased mine from First Data and was assured that Clover could do everything my First Data Dinerware could do. After 1 month of giving Clover the chance to fix there numerous problems I sent the system back. It's not a good fit for a full service restaurant, also the sales rep knew nothing about even the basics of the Clover system. It took me 3 times longer to enter an order. This is a big 5 thumbs down on this system....