Clover Go POS - $ 59: L’option matérielle la plus portable de Clover, cette solution est une pièce jointe d’appareil intelligent Bluetooth qui vous permet de traiter facilement les paiements par jetons, bandes magnétiques et sans contact. Clover Go POS nécessite que vous fournissiez votre propre technologie supplémentaire sous forme de tablette, iPad ou smartphone.
We reached out to First Data for an explanation, but that attempt proved futile through both First Data’s customer service live chat and the Clover support phone number. In the case of the live chat, the representative confirmed that the Clover cannot be reprogrammed, but couldn’t offer an explanation as to why and referred me to Clover phone support.
This system is fine for a small retail business or even a single transaction business. DO NOT buy this system for a busy alacarte restaurant. It contains program gliches which are problematic for restaurants which have to access a check multiple times during service or which may have multiple checks for a table. Managerial access to make corrections is limited and the programmers at tech support are not interested in making simple changes which will simplify the system. Also, telephone only tech support is often untrained and uninformed when faced with problem solving. Spend the extra money for a better system.

Le système le plus populaire est le séchage solaire. L’air, réchauffé grâce à un toit sombre, est canalisé dans un conduit, puis propulsé par un ventilateur sous le fourrage reposant sur des caillebotis. Ensuite, l’air chargé en humidité est évacué dans l’atmosphère. Certains systèmes peuvent être équipés d’un réchauffeur d’air et/ou d’un déshumidificateur afin de réduire davantage le temps de séchage. L’air du foin est déshumidifié avec un évaporateur et réchauffé par un condensateur. Le déshumidificateur permet de faire circuler l’air en circuit fermé et d’assurer la qualité de séchage quelle que soit les conditions climatiques. Cependant, il ne permet pas d’assurer la valeur alimentaire du fourrage. 
Avoid like the plague!!! The system itself is passable, but lacks several of the features that our salesperson assured us would be available. The main issue is the Clover Customer Service. Trying to even access your account while speaking with a CS Rep is excruciatingly difficult! We were provided our Merchant ID number, which we enter each time we call. It never works (even though we have been told it is the correct number). So they then ask you several minutes of questions to confirm your identity. I know that is for our benefit, but shouldn't be necessary each time. We have tried to change the contact email address, ("Can't help you with that"). We tried to change the business address, ("No problem.") but it still hasn't been changed. And good luck trying to get any real technical help! Sorry to rant, but we dumped this system after four months due to the extremely poor customer service and bait and switch we feel we fell for.